Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cicero Town officials may assist in issuing parking and traffic citations

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Cicero Town officials may assist in issuing tickets
Cicero News Wire Thursday March 25, 2010

Town of Cicero officials Tuesday (March 23, 2010) approved an ordinance that gives all of the board’s seven trustees the power to issue tickets for parking violations.

The new ordinance is viewed as a way to keep costs down while stepping up safety and traffic enforcement with adding seven new sets of eyes on the streets, along with a ticket book. Currently, there are now seven traffic enforcement employees working in Cicero, which has a population of 109,000 people.

As the Town President, Larry Dominick has the power to issue traffic and parking citations under Town laws; the new ordinance extends the power to the town’s seven trustees, including three Township board members.

Cicero Town Collector Fran Reitz, whose office also oversees the administration of the Parking Enforcement Division and Vehicle Sticker licensing, said that all of the trustees call in traffic and parking violations. Although enforcement officers respond quickly, sometimes, that little extra time allows violators to move their cars and escape citations.

“I personally contact our police dispatch center on a daily basis to alert them to send out officers for serious parking violations,” Reitz said. “Cars blocking fire hydrants and cross walks around schools or illegally parked in a handicapped parking spot need to be ticketed immediately.”

“The Town President said we should look in to allowing the trustees to help issue the citations for these serious violations and our Town Attorney informed us we could but had to adopt the ordinance giving us those powers.”

“The intent is to make our town a safer place for our families and our children and also for visitors who come in to Cicero to shop,” Reitz said.

Dominick said he believes the new ordinance will help improve both safety for Town residents and also boost enforcement without having to increase Town spending.

“It’s a good idea because all of the members of the board live here in the community and spend a lot of their time monitoring the conditions in the town. They are aware of everything. This will help increase the response time and also crack down on motorists who violate parking and traffic laws but escape punishment," Dominick said.

Reitz added, “This basically gives us more eyes on the street. As trustees, we are responsible for entrusting the ordinances and policies of the town are enforced. I am constantly in contact with President Dominick, calling in about code violations, graffiti, parking complaints and loose dogs. These are things we constantly see as town officials so we should be able to act and help enforce when needed.”

Reitz emphasized that town officials who participate in the program will receive training in parking enforcement through her office, the Violations Department, as well as training from the Police Department.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

First Degree murder charges filed against father of murdered 3 week old baby girl

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First Degree murder charges filed against father of murdered 3 week old baby girl

Jorge J. Galvez, 19, 1636 S. 50th Court, Cicero, was charged this morning (Monday March 22, 2010) with two counts of First Degree murder in the death of 3 week old Lilliana Galvez.

Cicero paramedics and police were called to the home on Saturday at 2:19 PM after receiving a 911 emergency call of a baby not breathing.

Mr. Galvez and his partner, Ms. Sabrina Banda, (the couple are not married) were taken in for questioning. On Sunday, the Cook County Medical Examiner ruled the death Homicidee by blunt force trauma to the head."

Mr. Galvez was charged Monday morning.

The individuals initially reported that they overslept and that the baby normally wakes them up crying, but when they woke, the baby was not breathing.

Bond hearing for Mr. Galvez was held today at Maywood Court House.

"This is a real tragedy that involves so many parameters. The death of a child so young is extremely disheartening but to be the result of blunt force trauma is even more tragic," said Cicero Police Supt. Lori Lelis.

"We have two young parents. One in a street gang with a violent background. We will do everything we can to protect the citizens of the Town of Cicero and to bring justice to our community and to the victims of any crime."

Cicero Town President Larry Dominick said, "Let this send a clear message that if you commit a crime, any crime but especially a violent crime, we have the best Police Department in Illinois and the Midwest. This case has so many troubling levels involving young parents, a parent with a violent street gang past and a victim that is an infant, not more than 3 weeks old. We wish people would think. If they need help we urge them to contact us and we will do what we can to help or direct them to agencies that can help them."

Dominick added: "I want to praise the hard work of our Police Superintendent Lori Lelis and the lead detective in this case, Detective Matt Ramirez. I also want to thank the Fire Department paramedics for their prompt action and response."


Friday, March 5, 2010

Video: President Dominick announces arson and murder charges against suspects in Valentine's Day fire

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Town of Cicero President Larry Dominick announces arson and murder charges filed against two suspects in the Feb. 14 Valentine's Day fire that took the lives of seven innocent people.