Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Town of Cicero Salutes Parent Patrols

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Officials of the Town of Cicero saluted the more than 100 volunteer members of the Parent Patrol that helps to protect students in the community. About 20 of the Parent Patrol members came to the board meeting and were recognized for their important volunteer services.

"We want to thank all of these volunteers," said trustee Maria Punzo-Arias. "They go out everyday and they never receive one penny for their efforts. They do it for the love of the community and our children."

Cicero Collector Fran Reitz said, "My thanks go out to the Parent Patrols. You are all truly volunteers who do the hard work to keep our kids safe. Thank you on behalf of the entire board for keeping our children safe."

Parent Patrol members are wearing bright yellow jackets. Town President Larry Dominick (center) joins Trustees Fran Reitz, Victor Garcia, Maria Punzo Arias, Lorraine Walsh, and Joe Virusso and Clerk Marilyn Colpo, along with Corazon activist Ismael Vargas (white shirt) in saluting the 100-strong volunteer Parent Patrol representatives at the May 10, 2011 Town of Cicero Board meeting.

What are the Parent Patrols?

Parent Patrol Group
The Parent Patrol Volunteer group was presented to the Cicero Youth Task Force (CYTF) by Mr. Ismael Vargas. 

Mr. Vargas saw the many challenges that our children and youth go through getting to and from school.
  “The children and youth from Cicero should walk to and from school without fear!”
The Parent Patrol Program is designed to help by;
Ø  Providing safe passage for children and youth to and from school,
Ø  To bring our community together and
Ø  To improve the communication between the schools and the community.

Most importantly, to expose children and youth to caring adults who serve as role models in our community!

The Parent Patrol Program is designed and coordinated with the CYTF, and in partnership with Cicero public Schools and the Cicero Police Department to assist schools and communities in establishing safe school environments. The Safe School Law can only be effective when it is respected by the community. The visibility and consistency of our dedicated Parent Patrols volunteers has proven time and time again to deter unsafe and criminal behavior near a school.

This program is an effective one!! Bringing Parents to assist in the community is a powerful way to say ….
STOP THE VIOLENCE!!                                                  YES TO SAFE COMMUNITIES!

We are making Parent Patrol available to as many schools as possible so children in Cicero will be safe as they travel to their educational destinations.

In turn, our children and youth will feel:

ü  Security = as they go to and from school.
ü  Affection = that will allow their young spirits to flourish.
ü  Freedom = to learn their lessons and enjoy their play.
ü  Excellence = to achieve goals.
ü  Trust = in themselves and in the adults around them.
ü  Youth = can concentrate on education.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cicero's AmericanFest entertainment announced, June 24-26

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Cicero American Fest Final Lineup

June 24
6:30-7:45 Caliente
The Soulful Sounds of Old School with a Latin Groove. Latin Jazz, Rock, Salsa, Motown / Dusties,
and so much more.
8:30-10:00 ARRA
For three years in a row, ARRA was voted best Classic Rock Band in the suburbs. Led by Cicero native
Kevin Conner, hear the hits of Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Boston, Foreigner and more.

June 25
4:00-5:15 Hag
Hag brings their own sound to classic rock and pop songs. A front line of familiar faces, the women of
Hag have secured their places in the Chicago music scene. These ladies rock!
6:00-7:30 The New Invaders; The Ultimate 60’s Flashback
Complete with go-go dancers and vintage clothing, this highly energetic show features the hits from Brit
Rock to Woodstock. Groovy baby!
8:30-10:00 The Ides of March featuring Jim Peterik
Their show spans 3 decades of music that include Jim Peterik's catalog of Top 40 hits: "VEHICLE"

June 26
4:00-5:15 PUSH!
Local hero Rich Sawyer brings his rockin' band back to Cicero playing favorites from Nickelback, Green
Day, Foo Fighters and many more.
6:00-7:30 Your Villain My Hero
Music industry insiders consider them the hottest new band in Chicagoland. See them perform today’s top
dance hits of artists such as Lady Ga Ga, Timbaland, Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, and more.
8:30-10:00 7th Heaven
What else is there to say? 24 YEARS PLAYING THE LOCAL SCENE! 250 BOOKINGS A YEAR!
OPENED FOR BON JOVI AT SOLDIER FIELD! The top drawing festival band in Chicagoland.