Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cicero offers help for property tax appeals

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Cicero township is currently open for a 30 day timeframe to file property tax appeals.

The property tax appeal process goes through the Cook County Board of Property Tax appeals, however the Assessor's office at Cicero Town Hall can help you with your appeal.

The filing period is limited, starting September 23rd and ending October 24th.

Please stop in Cicero town hall, 4949 west Cermak, 2nd floor Assessors Office, or call us at 708-656-3600, ext. 224 or 225, so that we may help you get your appeal filed.

It is critical that all homeowners – particularly seniors – carefully review their tax bills to ensure their exemptions appear on their bills as well, so please review your bills as you receive them and call us with any questions. The number again for Cicero town Assessor Emo Cundari's office 708-656-3600, ext. 224 or 225.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Town of Cicero responds to continued distortions and false allegations by the Chicago Sun-Times

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Town of Cicero responds to false allegations by Chicago Sun-Times
Sept. 21, 2011
Chicago Sun-Times

Dear Editor:

The Chicago Sun-Times newspaper is determined to go down in history as one of the most irresponsible, unprofessional and politically vicious publications in journalism.

In its political campaign to libel Cicero Town President Larry Dominick, and assist the campaigns of his political enemies, the Sun-Times has taken one sentence out of obvious context and turned it into one of the most ridiculous "scandals" ever published.

The story is maliciously headlined "Cicero’s Dominick swore he didn’t touch town worker — but had sex with her," (Wednesday, Sept. 21). To justify this outrageous lie, the Sun-Times took six words on Page 193 of a 2009 deposition that consists of 363 pages and 77,666 words and intentionally distorts it's obvious meaning into malicious yellow journalism.

In the prior 192 pages, President Dominick was asked repeatedly if he sexually harassed employees and he repeatedly denied each and every false accusation. There is not one piece of evidence, not one corroborating witness, not one text message and not one record to back up the spurious claims that he sexually harassed Sharon Starzyk, a person with whom he once had a relationship  but broke up with and later married his wife. The context of the discussion and question is clear.

Yet the Sun-Times ignored that context to distort the meaning of the question, "Did you ever touch Sharon Starzyk?" The context is not of touching but sexually harassing someone. He said "No."

Sharon Starzyk is a serial litigator. She filed numerous lawsuits and criminal complaints against many people outside of her work at the Town of Cicero, including alleging sexual harassment. That is what she does.

Under President Dominick, the Town of Cicero has built a new Town Hall, expanded health services to the public, opened new parks, attracted new business and industry into the community building a stronger sales tax base, kept property taxes low, is building a new sports stadium to promote hockey for students in our local schools and offered an endless array of programs to serve our youth, seniors and families. But these are programs the Sun-Times has refused to cover in its campaign of libel, name-calling and pernicious political insults.

Instead, over the past six months, the Chicago Sun-Times has filed two dozen FOIA requests and published a dozen derogatory stories including one that falsely claims the town spent $26,000 for hotdogs when in fact the money was spent on an assortment of sandwiches, chips, pop, cookies and treats to feed 6,000 Cicero residents at a four-day festival celebrating the opening of an important new community park that the Sun-Times was invited to cover but chose to ignore. And it has published equally false columns by Carol Marin whose aversion to Cicero is notorious.

The people of the Town of Cicero see the amazing positive changes but they also see the deterioration of the Chicago Sun-Times from a professional newspaper into a politically motivated campaign tabloid with a maliciously one-sided election agenda.

Ray Hanania
Spokesman, Town of Cicero
4949 W. Cermak Road,
Cicero IL 60804

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cicero Fire Fighter pays homage to Ground Zero on behalf of Town of Cicero Fire Department

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Veteran Cicero Fire Fighter Phil Rutka visited Ground Zero in New York on Sept. 11 to show respect to the fallen on behalf of the Town President Larry Dominick, the Town of Cicero Board of Trustees and the people of Cicero.Rutka, who made his 5th trip to the 9/11 commemoration site, joined a motorcycle convoy of 190 that left White Sox Park. Rutka carried four flags with the Cicero Logo on them to place at the Ground Zero dedication sites and also at the site where the passengers of Flight 93 fought off the terrorists, probably saving the nation from another terrorist strike.

"We're very proud of what Fire Fighter Rutka did," said Cicero Fire Chief Larry Moravecek. "Every fireman identifies with the sacrifices of the people who died on that memorable day."

Rutka drove four days with the caravan of cyclists, even though the prior week he had been released from a hospital stay to deal with a gallbladder problem.

"I was honored to do it," Rutka said noting the group left for New York on Sept. 6. "This trip was not easy. We rode through 17 inches of rain when the tropical storm hit the East Coast. We drove through and saw a lot of flooding. But nothing was going to stop me from reaching Ground Zero."

Rutka represented the Town of Cicero with dignity and we are all proud of what he did, Moravecek said.

Here are some photos from the visit to Ground Zero and also to the commemoration site at Shanksville, Pa.

Anais Santana Crowned Mexican Independence Day Pageant Queen

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Anais Santana Crowned Mexican Independence Day Pageant Queen
Anais Santana was crowned Mexican Independence Pageant Queen on Thursday, September 4th at the Olympic Theater Banquet Hall, officially kicking-off Cicero’s Mexican Independence Day Celebration and Festival, sponsored by Town President Larry Dominick.

On hand to congratulate Santana were Cicero Community Affairs Director Frank Aguilar, Cicero Town Trustee Victor Garcia, Mexican Consul representative Jaime Almonte Borja and last year's queen, Lucero Zepeda. Santana was 2nd runner-up to Zepeda in last year’s pageant competition.

Fellow pageant competitors Liza Irazoque and Genesis Sandoval were named 1st and 2nd Princess, respectively.

Click here to view more photographs

Mexican Independence Day Festival Sept 15-18, Community Park 34th & Laramie

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Town of Cicero Board meeting: Approval of Memorandum of Understanding with Cook County State's Attorney -- Video

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The Town of Cicero approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cook County State's Attorney regarding a pilot program allowing the Town of Cicero to pursue civil lawsuits against gang members.

This is the video of the Town of Cicero Board meeting discussion and vote on the agreement. The initial speaker is Donald Pechous from the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, followed by Cook County Commissioner Jeff Tobolski and then President Larrey Dominick.

Click here to read the full press release.

Cicero celebrates Mexican Independence Day -- Video

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Ismael Vargas interviews local activists and leaders on the upcoming Mexican Independence Day celebrations that are being supported by Town President Larry Dominick and the Town of Cicero Board of Trustees.

vimeo Mexican Events from Steven K on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cook County State's Attorney grants power to Town of Cicero to pursue civil litigation against streets gangs/members in new pilot program

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                         Ray Hanania
Tuesday Sept. 13, 2011                                                                    708-656-3600 ext 855

Cook County State's Attorney grants power to Town of Cicero to pursue civil litigation against streets gangs/members in new pilot program

Cicero -- Town President Larry Dominick and the Town of Cicero Board Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cook County State's Attorney’s Office which will allow Cicero to file civil lawsuits against gangs and gang members who engage in criminal activities in the community under a new pilot program.

The first of its kind in Cook County, the agreement allows Cicero to recover damages for losses and other harm caused by street gangs and their members and to go after their assets. The State’s Attorney’s Office will designate a Cicero town attorney with the authority to bring civil actions against gang members as authorized under the Illinois  Street Gang Terrorism Omnibus Prevention Act, a civil state statute. 

The Town of Cicero has made great strides in confronting and reducing street gangs and their members and crime is at an all time low. But Town of Cicero officials believe it is important to step up the pressure. This authority will give the Town of Cicero another tool to use to go after gang members in Cicero.

"This agreement will add muscle to our on-going campaign to confront street gangs and their members, to hold them responsible for their actions and to play a direct role in bringing civil litigation against these street gang criminals," said Town President Larry Dominick.

"We are grateful to Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez and Cook County Commissioner Jeff Tobolski for working with us so that we might join in the broader fight against Streets Gangs and street gang members."

Cook County Commissioner Jeff Tobolski said that the initiative is an example of the County Board reaching out and working more closely on issues with communities in the Chicago Suburbs.

"This is an example of the new initiative of the Cook County Board which is working together for the benefit of its citizens and especially to place a priority on the news of the county's suburban communities which have been overlooked in the past," Tobolski said.

“I am happy to have worked with both State’s Attorney Alvarez and President Dominick to come up with this pilot program- the first of its kind in Cook County.  It gives one more tool to our law enforcement officials in which to fight gangs, and get them off our streets.”

Under the MOU, the Town of Cicero's designated attorney must notify the Cook County State's Attorney of the town's intention to pursue civil litigation against a street gang or street gang member.  The State’s Attorney’s Office will review the request and then make a determination if the town may pursue with civil action such as injunctive relief, damages, costs and fees. 

Assistant States Attorney Donald J. Pechous, deputy chief of the Civil Actions Bureau, told the Cicero board that Ms. Alvarez is committed to assisting suburban communities in fighting and confronting street gangs and their members.

"When there is a bully, you have to push back. You can't allow a bully to push you. That's what this agreement will do, allow the Town of Cicero to push back against street gangs," said Pechous. He said that the agreement allows Cicero to go after property belonging to street gangs.

President Dominick said Cicero will continue to aggressively pursue street gangs utilizing the Town of Cicero's police resources and the new agreement.

"We are confident that this and the many steps we have taken in Cicero will make a difference for our community in defending the rights of our citizens," Dominick said.

The resolution was approved by the Town of Cicero Board at its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday Sept. 13.


Cicero Health Fair Sat. Oct. 1, from 9 to 3 pm at Community Center

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Town President Larry Dominick & The Cicero Town Board of Trustees

Invite you to attend the Cicero Health & Services Fair Sat. Oct. 1, 2011 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Community Center Gym 2250 S. 49th Avenue Cicero, IL

 Cicero Residents, Seniors, Families, and Business Owners are encouraged to attend this FREE event and learn what Town services are offered in Cicero. Plus many FREE Health Services Available & give-aways offered to residents.

Animal Welfare Dept.
Assessor’s Office
Building Dept./Code Enforcement
Business License Dept.
Cicero Fire Dept.
Cicero Fire Prevention
Cicero Housing Authority
Cicero Health Dept.
Cicero Police Dept.
Cicero Youth Commission
Citizenship/Immigration Office
Clerk’s Office
Clyde & Hawthorne Park Districts
Collector’s Office
Community Development Dept.
Community Center Economic Development/Project Manager
Gang Crimes Tactical Unit
Graffiti Removal
 Internal Affairs Dept.
Juvenile Division Cicero Police Dept.
Mental Health Dept.
Military Families United
Neighborhood Watch Program
Parking Enforcement/Violations Dept.
People with Disabilities Dept.
Police Explorers
President’s Office for Literacy
Public Works Dept.
RAFFLE Table (Town Trustees)
Rodent Abatement Dept.
Senior Activities Senior Services
S.O.S. Task Force
Special Events
Town President’s Office
Water Dept.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Town of Cicero commemorates 10th Anniversary of Sept. 11

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The Town of Cicero will host a Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of Sept. 11th this Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011 at Community Park at 34th and Laramie. Town President Larry Dominick will join members of the Town Board and officials of the Town of Cicero Police and the Town of Cicero Fire Department. The public is invited.
Family activities will be held from 5 to 7 pm followed by a ceremony at 7 pm that will feature a Laser Light show. For more information, contact Cynthia Salvino at 708-656-3600 ext 288.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

UNO-Cicero plan Citizenship workshop Monday Sept. 12

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Town President Larry Dominick                                                                                    

  Invite you to
Citizenship & Immigration Workshop
 Monday, September 12, 2011

 “The New Cicero”
Community Center
2250 South 49th Ave. Cicero, IL 60804

Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Filling out applications for Citizenship*
Answering Immigration questions!

Apply for Citizenship or renew
Your Resident card with UNO!

  *Requirements for Citizenship and Residency:
  Permanent Resident Card
  Money Order for $680 for Citizenship ( Renewal of Residency $450)
  Written in paper addresses, work, and dates out of country in the last 5 years
  Information on spouse and children of applicant
   (Name, date of birth, date of marriage, social security number,
    residency number or   Citizenship number)

                          Questions call (312) 432-6301 Ext. 2228