Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cicero Fire Fighter pays homage to Ground Zero on behalf of Town of Cicero Fire Department

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Veteran Cicero Fire Fighter Phil Rutka visited Ground Zero in New York on Sept. 11 to show respect to the fallen on behalf of the Town President Larry Dominick, the Town of Cicero Board of Trustees and the people of Cicero.Rutka, who made his 5th trip to the 9/11 commemoration site, joined a motorcycle convoy of 190 that left White Sox Park. Rutka carried four flags with the Cicero Logo on them to place at the Ground Zero dedication sites and also at the site where the passengers of Flight 93 fought off the terrorists, probably saving the nation from another terrorist strike.

"We're very proud of what Fire Fighter Rutka did," said Cicero Fire Chief Larry Moravecek. "Every fireman identifies with the sacrifices of the people who died on that memorable day."

Rutka drove four days with the caravan of cyclists, even though the prior week he had been released from a hospital stay to deal with a gallbladder problem.

"I was honored to do it," Rutka said noting the group left for New York on Sept. 6. "This trip was not easy. We rode through 17 inches of rain when the tropical storm hit the East Coast. We drove through and saw a lot of flooding. But nothing was going to stop me from reaching Ground Zero."

Rutka represented the Town of Cicero with dignity and we are all proud of what he did, Moravecek said.

Here are some photos from the visit to Ground Zero and also to the commemoration site at Shanksville, Pa.

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