Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cicero offers help for property tax appeals

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Cicero township is currently open for a 30 day timeframe to file property tax appeals.

The property tax appeal process goes through the Cook County Board of Property Tax appeals, however the Assessor's office at Cicero Town Hall can help you with your appeal.

The filing period is limited, starting September 23rd and ending October 24th.

Please stop in Cicero town hall, 4949 west Cermak, 2nd floor Assessors Office, or call us at 708-656-3600, ext. 224 or 225, so that we may help you get your appeal filed.

It is critical that all homeowners – particularly seniors – carefully review their tax bills to ensure their exemptions appear on their bills as well, so please review your bills as you receive them and call us with any questions. The number again for Cicero town Assessor Emo Cundari's office 708-656-3600, ext. 224 or 225.

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  1. Property Tax Appeal Process
    In Tx, the value must be consistent with similar properties in same area. I've protested all of my investment properties as well as my (and my mom's) home with various degrees of success. Depending on the appraisal district they will disallow foreclosures as well. Often, you can call in and talk with an appraiser and get a reduction, if not over their limit. If you feel it should be reduced more than they are willing to give, you can protest in person in front of a three person board. If you can make a case that your property is overvalued based on sales comps, or your property has unique impairments you will get some reduction in value. If nothing else, then a nominal decrease just for the effort.