Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cicero hires Monterrey Security Inc to head up security and personnel issues

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Cicero Town President Larry Dominick meets with Monterrey Security Consultants, Inc. President & CEO Juan Gaytan, Jr. as the company begins its work for the Town of Cicero. As a former member of the Chicago Police Department for nearly a decade, Juan Gaytan, Jr., has set the bar for shaping the security and service techniques that Monterrey Security staff employs every day. During his years on the police force, Juan served as a beat officer and later as a member of the Community Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) Team. Juan was also a member of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s Housing Enforcement Task Force, enforcing City building regulations to reduce criminal activity and charging absentee landlords for negligence to their properties where crime was fierce. He was also featured on the Police Department's "Crime Watch" program. Monterrey Security is a certified and fully-licensed Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) in the state of Illinois.


No street gang related killings in more than 14 months Major crimes continue downward spiral

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No street gang related killings in more than 14 months
Major crimes continue downward spiral

Cicero – Cicero Town President Larry Dominick congratulated the hard work of the Cicero Police Department and Police Supt. Bernard Harrison noting that the town has not seen a street-gang related killing in more than 14 months.

Dominick also noted that crime statistics show a significant drop in the past two years, including only one homicide last year. He credited the hard work of the Police Department.

“I am very proud to announce that we did not have one street gang related killing in 2011 and not one in the past 14 months,” Dominick said.

“Crime statistics show that the number of overall homicides are down dramatically  along with shootings and burglaries. These are terrible crimes. But we have one of the best police departments in the Chicagoland suburbs and we have a Zero Tolerance for street gang related activity.”

Police Supt. Harrison said that 2010 was one of the worst years in terms of homicides, with 11 people killed.

“But that included the horrible arson-related murder on Valentine’s Day of 7 people. That was a tragic aberration. Over the past six years, crime has been steadily decreasing,” Harrison said.

“In 2011, we saw a 91 percent decline in overall homicides and no street gang related killings. Shootings were down 49 percent, burglary down 15 percent, armed robbery down 20 percent and strong armed robberies were down 13 percent. These are important trends that I attribute to the hard work of our police personnel and also increasing support from the community.”

Harrison said that it was immensely important to have residents and even family members step forward to provide information to fight these crimes.

“We must have the support of the community. We need their support. Their information can help us solve these crimes and by solving these crimes, we send a strong message to potential criminals that they will not get away with their crimes,” Harrison said.

Harrison noted that two street gang related murders occurred in 2010, including one involving 15 year old Miguel Villalba who was killed in June of that year. It was solved in 2011 and a suspect has been charged.

And, in November 2010, Kevin Sanders was killed by street gang members. The case is under active investigation.

“The a success of fighting street gangs and even crime in general starts with a zero tolerance for gang activity. We are getting more public participation but we need more from the public. We need their assistance to sustain this down trend in crimes indefinitely,” Harrison said.

“We have been successful in solving past crimes and that sends a strong message to the street gangs that they won't get away with their actions. We will find them and hold them accountable.”

Harrison said that parents need to be involved in the daily lives of their children.

“The only way we can beat the street gang problem in the town is for parents to become more aware and involved in the day-to-day lives of their children. They also need to acknowledge when their kids are involved in street gangs. So many parents are in denial and refuse to believe their kids are in gangs. We need them to step forward to help the community and to help their children.”


Cicero protests Chicago Water rate increases

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Cicero protests Chicago Water rate increases

Cicero - After absorbing water rate increases for the past six years imposed by the City of Chicago, the Town of Cicero was forced to raise water rates this week after Chicago officials announced a 25 percent hike in water rates this year and 15 percent increases for each of the next three years.

Since 2005, when President Larry Dominick was elected to office, the City of Chicago has increased water fees a total of 72 percent. Compounded, the Chicago increases would be equivalent to more than 150 percent.

Most suburban communities simply pass along the fee increases to their residents but President Dominick has directed the Town of Cicero to absorb the majority of the increases rather than pass them along to Cicero residents.

“We have been able to tighten our belts and better manage programs,” President Dominick said Tuesday following the Town of Cicero board meeting.

“But the dramatic increases imposed by the City of Chicago on the Town of Cicero and on the 125 other suburban communities makes it impossible to absorb all of the increase.”

On Tuesday, the Town of Cicero board voted to absorb a third of this year’s rate increase, saving taxpayer’s 33 percent, and to pass along the remaining 16.5 percent. Most suburban communities have passed along the increases to residents.

“Residents will see their water bills go up. I’m not happy about that. But the City of Chicago gave us no choice,” Dominick said.

“The Town of Cicero, though, will continue to absorb as much of the increase as possible.”

Dominick said he is working closely with West Central Municipal Conference Regional Water Rate Task Force, a committee made up of dozens of municipalities including the Town of Cicero. The Task Force has already sent letters to the Chicago officials and has held meetings with high-level city officials in an effort to get Chicago to reconsider its future water rate increases.

The Task Force is considering seeking  intervention from the Illinois Legislative and legal action against the City of Chicago for trying to balance its budget on the backs of suburban Chicagoland residents.

The Chicago water rate increase will generate more than $3 billion in new revenues for the City of Chicago from the 126 suburban communities impacted by the hikes, Dominick noted.

“If we have to pay to improve the system, we want to see the money go to improve the system and not be used to off-set Chicago’s financial challenges and budget shortfalls,” Dominick said.

“We deserve to have safe and clean water.”

Residents of the Town of Cicero, unlike residents in other communities, get far more water related services. The Town of Cicero, for example, will rod-out sewers for residents for free. These are services that other communities do not offer and that residents in other communities must pay to hire outside contractors to perform.