Thursday, February 26, 2015

Difficult winter for many families

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Difficult winter for many families

By Larry Dominick

Despite the late snow coming in February, this has still been a very difficult winter for many.

The heavy snows we experienced earlier in the month made it challenging for both residents and municipal snow removal crews, not just in Cicero but in communities across the state. The snow falls set new records and this winter has been recorded as one of the top five worst we’ve experienced in a half century.

But Cicero’s public employees worked hard. I know because I participated in helping to remove snow from our streets. It was a job that required working long, hard and even overnight. In fact, we worked 24 hours a day for 8 straight days to remove snow from our streets.

One of our biggest challenges in plowing the neighborhood streets after clearing main streets was the failure of some homeowners to move their vehicles from posted street cleaning routes. Worse was the practice of some to shovel their snow off their properties and off of their cars into the streets.

I am proud of the performance of our employees. It was a difficult challenge and they did well. I also want to thank all of those residents who took the time not only to clear their sidewalks and properties of snow, but who also showed neighborly care and shoveled snow for neighbors in need.

With the arctic cold slamming our region in the aftermath of these record snow storms, I again remind everyone to take a moment and check on your neighbors, especially if they are elderly or have family members who are disabled.

When we all work together and show concern for our community and our neighbors, we can make our community a better place for all.

COUNTY TAX BILLS: Your First installment of your tax bills are due on March 3. The first installment notices from Cook County do not reflect exemptions such as those for homeowners and senior citizens. The first installment is just an estimate representing 55 percent of last year’s bills.

If you have any questions about your property taxes, you can find help right here in the Town of Cicero by contacting Town Assessor Emilio Cundari at

TOWN EVENTS: I know many people are interested in the programs we sponsor at the Town of Cicero including celebrations of our ethnic diversity from Columbus Day and President’s Day and Pulaski Day to the annual commemoration of the birth of the Rev. Martin Luther King., Jr., and Mexican Independence Day.

To keep up on our events, I urge you to visit our Facebook Page at

FINALLY: I spend a lot of time driving through our Town. I want to know firsthand what is happening. The other day, while driving around, I was right behind a motorist who opened his window and threw out a bag of garbage right on the street. I pulled him over and demanded to know why he would do that. He lived right down the street.

We need to be proud of our community and our neighborhoods and it starts with each and every one of us.

I hope you have a safe and happy Winter as we all work together in anticipation of improved Spring weather.

(Larry Dominick is the President of the Town of Cicero. He was elected in 2005.)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cicero high school students meet with Miss Illinois

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Cicero high school students meet with Miss Illinois

Marisa Buchhiett, this year’s miss Illinois, visited with students at Morton High School District 201 on Friday, January 30, 2015 to talk to the students about their futures, careers and safety. More than a thousand students attended. Ms. Señorita  Cicero 2015 Dafne Villaseor gave a warm welcome and provided the introduction for Ms. Buchhiett. 

Ms. Buchhiett's message for these young students was the dangers of distractive driving. 

"The  number one killer among teenagers in United States was texting while driving,” Ms. Buchhiett said. She also added that there were other types distractions such as "eating, drinking, arguing, loud music, and  putting on makeup. It takes less the 2 seconds to get into an accident that can be fatal when you are districted while you drive." 

"I am visiting many high schools throughout Illinois with this message because it is the right age when these teens start driving and I want to stress how danger it is to text and drive.” Ms. Buchhiett continued. 

Miss Illinois thanked Cicero Town President Larry Dominick, Morton High School District 201 President Jeff Pesek and Morton High School, The Cicero Mexican Cultural Committee, and Miss Cicero Dafne Villaseñor for sponsoring her visit and speech to the high school students. 

“We’re excited that Miss Illinois visited the Town of Cicero and also Morton High School District 201,” said District 201 School Board President Jeff Pesek. “Our students are among the best in the state. We’re not only proud of how hard they work and study but we are especially proud of their achievements in life when they leave here."

PHOTO: (From Left) Morton East High School Principle Jose Gamboa, Morton High School District 201 Board President Jeff Pesek, Miss Illinois 2014 Marisa Buchheitt,  Miss Cicero Dafne Villaseñor, School Board member Mark Kraft and Morton High School Student Board Member Niquan Dawson.